Is this against Code?

Take a look at what I found inside a panel the other day. Is this a code violation? LOL!

EMT pipe, no?..:shock::p:roll:

LOL! :lol::lol:

So was the bowl full before you took the picture ?

Little microbial activity on the drywall there? I bet Skippy was surprised when you gave mom and dad his equipment.

:shock:Great one! But lousy idea, “Hey Mom and Dad are home! Lets hide the stuff in the electrical panel while we’re stoned out of our gourds!” “Dude! Awesome idea!” ZAPPPPPP! Talk about a high…:wink:

Hmmm… to report presence of Organic Matter, or not.

From this angle of the pic, I would lean towards… “possible presence of Organic Matter” or “conditions are conducive to the presence of Organic Matter”.


Lol very funny. Yes there was microbial activity on the drywall. Good catch. The funny thing was there was no kids. This was a young couple selling. I was wondering why there was stuff piled in front of the panel. When i asked home owner if he would mind moving stuff he kinda hesitated. Now i know why!!