Is this allowed?

I was looking at a former triplex today that had 3 breaker boxes. There was one larger box now that controls the entire house and 2 smaller that no longer have power supplied to them. The question is the ground wire allowed to be connected through all 3 boxes like it is in this pic.

It looks like all three are using a common grounding system connection to either the water line or ground rods. Was there a main breaker anywhere ahead of these panels?

The lug in the middle panel with the grounding conductor is not rated for use with multiple conductors.

It looks like the neutrals are bonded to ground so NO it’s wrong.

They all connected to a single grounding rod and the only thing ahead of the panels was 3 separate meters in which the 2 for the smaller panels were pulled.

They were apparently wired as 3 independant services, not as sub off of a main. In this case the neutrals would need to be bonded.

Tapping for multiple panels to one grounding system is allowed.