Is this an acceptable P-trap?

Is this an acceptable P-trap? If not why.

You know the answer, inspector Roy. :smile:

Can’t use corrugated drain piping. Drain piping must have a smooth interior to prevent clogging and maintain a smooth drainage system, aside from the other items that you can expound on.

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Acceptable in Ohio, not a hazard.


Nope corrugated pipe and p traps under sinks should be made to remove easily for cleaning. I don’t think hose clamps with corrugated pipe will be found as an approved material and considered easily removed. Now connecting an appliance like a dishwasher hose to the DWV is a different matter but it’s also pumped.

Is the trap seal more than 4”?

Is is stamped with ANSI information?

Does it have a beaded shoulder with nut?

Is the manufactures name stamped on it?

It’s smooth walled on the inside Larry. It’s a pool hose.

The simple answer is it isn’t. Unapprove P-trap piping. I had my assistant with me today. And I asked him what’s wrong with it works as a P-trap. It ain’t leaking. So what should I write up?

I like it. If it gets plugged you can reach in and shake it. :wink:

Simon is correct!! and I will gladly start an argument with anyone about it! :joy:

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I’ve shook it too hard sometimes LOL
Michael! Pleasure having you on the board again.

You know what you have inspector?
You have the parks syndrome. Much worse than the Coronavirus. Yep!


I never saw pool stuff up here. We use our lakes.

But, I bet that square 90 degree pipe stays nice and clean. :rofl: :crazy_face: :joy:

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If you were filtering your swimming pool it would be fine. It is a pool filter hose. :rofl:

Is there a designation somewhere between acceptable and “what the heck were you thinking”?

New guy asking.

If it works - don’t mess with it! :crazy_face:

Lol…the new J trap

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