Is this an acceptable support??

This house was a winner! Lots of good stuff in this one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not so much.

Was the owner Joe the handyman I think this is ok for code. I saw it on tv.

I bet you it was a Farmer, I’ve seem similar before, and I bet it has been like that for a long time. :):wink:

And that would be why I “cringe” whenever I hear an Inspector on this MB say “…it passed the test of time” !!!

Hmm let me see east or south Knoxville .lol We have to get together Sean i got a whole Disk full of those beauty’s .lol

It did obviously, but far from meeting today’s standard and I very much doubt that it met whatever standard they had when it was built.
Those things are all over the place, all we can do is enjoy the FUBARD.:mrgreen:

Actually that is pretty normal around here, i seen a car jack used once. Another famous one is jack post on a brick no footing. I had 2 of those last week. Insulation installed upside down is another. Sean we will do Lunch soon give me a call.