Is this approved roof covering?

Owner is swearing that this approved roof covering and that the roofer who installed it pulled permits. Of course he cant provide any paperwork showing this. The material is foil faced and spongy to the touch, didnt walk on it. Home is in Florida.

I would say no!

Look at the edges of shingles. Also looks like discoloration on shingles from water back-up sitting on roof from probably tree debris.

Hard to tell from your picture but the foil area looks like only slight pitch or flat?

Also in general when I look at roofs or think I may walk on them, I try and look at roof from underside first to see any possible defects, holes, rot etc.
Learned that a long time ago after my right leg went into hole to my knee. Roofer covered hole with zero wood under paper and one layer shingle.

Sold in 2’ x 8’ and 4’ x 8’ sheets at your local DIY store, as well as the roof coating!


What is your opinion on the less than straight shingle edge shown in pic?

area is pitched, no evidence of any repairs to the ceiling below this area.
So the consnensus is no gentleman?

flyby installer
once the taillights cross the property line any implied warranty expired
looks like alum-coated material

patch job at best, ymmv

Honestly, it is irrelevant. The roof covering has failed (and perhaps the sub-structure) and a sub-standard method was used for repair. A “licensed and qualified” contractor should evaluate the extent of damage and make repairs as necessary.

Ok I agree with that Jonas. I guess you were just indicating the type of material.

Thanks for info and your reply.

Yes, sorry. The materials I posted are what your description reminded me of. I certainly hope there is sheathing under that foamboard. :shock:

It is just amazing the stuff we see. I want to blame the lack of training. Or is it one day someone wakes up and like Pa Kettle “Ma I’m gonna fix that roof today”. LOL

Im still at this property and the owner is waiting for a call back from the roofer for confirmation on the approval of the material, and he’s still looking for the paperwork
Just climbed all the way through the attic and no sheathing undre this area, lot of empty beer cans though. Appreciate it boys, have a good weekend.

Have the owner call the local building/permit dept. That should settle it once and for all. Even if a permit was pulled and signed off on, someone’s head should roll!

Even so, it’s wrong and needs repair.

The product is ‘Peel and Seal’. Supposedly has 10 year warranty. I’m seeing it all over the plave around Richomnd, Va.

Frank, do you have a link to what you think it is…“Peel and Seal”? It looks coated with something from here…


Dang Larry! Caught and quoted me beofre I spotted my typo! Rats!

I’ve used it when spec’d for some flashing issue. Not a roof, though I’m seeing it more and more lately. I’ll stick with copper, etc.

No problem, easy fix.

Thanks for the link.

Here’s one from last week. It’s getting fishmouths and wrinkled in some places.

Peel and Seal Dormers roof (3).jpg

Peel and Seal Dormers roof.jpg

Peel and Seal Dormers roof (2).jpg

It is peel and seal. It’s a rubberized rolled roofing material. I don’t know what approval your looking for but if applied right it does last almost forever. The problem is very few can put it down with out getting the wrinkles and “fish mouths” noted in the post above. There’s also a higher grade of the stuff that has a thicker and embossed aluminum surface

It’s a sloppy install. Call it out. Barry is right.