Is this Asbestos or . . .?

I found this in an attic of a house built in 1962. I’m leaning towards cellulose, but looking for input.

did you do the lick test? (just kidding)
Hard to tell from the pictures. If it is white, fluffy with some shine it may be fiberglass, gray,fluffy soft without shine is cellulose. Asbestos usually lay flat and is not fluffy. IMO it is not asbestos.

Yea, left a bad taste in my mouth! lol
It is gray, no shine sort of fluffy, but appears like its has some moisture. I’m thinking from the humidity in the attic. The attic is very hot and there is a fan that is run a lot to keep it cool. There is a lot of moisture and humidity around the property. A lot of greenery!

might be rock wool.

Thank you for taking the time to give your feedback. Greatly appreciate everyone’s input!

I’d guess cellulose but could be rock wool, as Todd mentioned. How old was the house? :smiley: :+1: :upside_down_face:

Built in 1962.

I missed that…probably rockwool. YMMV Hard to say without feeling it being there.

Thank you!

I call the loose version mineral wool and the batts rock wool :thinking:

Thank you David!

Good point…my bad. :pensive: