Is this asbestos tape on the ductwork?

I know you can’t be sure unless you have it tested. But in you guys experience could this old ductwork tape possibly be asbestos?

Only a lab can really tell you. You never know what one used back then… even if it wasn’t the norm to use it for such purpose. However, I’m sure some will tell you yes and some no, so wait for it :slight_smile:

It is posible…:smile:

What are the panels above the metal duct that the tape is adjoining the duct to - hard to tell from the pictures is that more metal, wood or possibly transite?

IMO I would just note “possibly asbestos tape” and move on. No way to tell without a lab test.

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Thanks for your help guys. I just didn’t want to be the boy who cried wolf if there was no chance of it being asbestos. I’m putting on my report that there is a possibility of it being asbestos, and they need to contact an asbestos specialist to have it evaluated. Thanks.

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As a licensed asbestos inspector, I can definitely tell you MAYBE.

Get it tested if curious


It’s been sealed over and I wouldn’t even worry about it and move on.
I am not there to check for asbestos anyways. Especially a small amount of tape like that.

As Marcel said. ACM are only a danger if the fibers are friable (air borne).
That tape would not be a hazard by any stretch of the imagination, as I see it from here.