Is this bad? About to go under contract, please help!

1972 house felt solid. In the middle of the house, where the main steel joist ran through, you could feel that the hard wood floors resting on top of the joist were much firmer (with no creeping sounds) than the floors that weren’t directly over the joist. (I’m talking about the main level wooden floors, and the steel joist is in the basement supporting the middle of the house).

The only foundation cracks I could see were outside, right above the soil in one of the corners. Two small horizontal cracks (see pictures).

Should I worry about any of this? The main floor does have a very slight raise where the steel joist is in the basement. I wouldn’t have even noticed it if the floor didn’t feel more firm when walking over it along he joist. Is that normal?



Get a Home Inspection

Kody, I would definitely call in a professional. Especially with foundation issues that could lead to much more serious issues and you’ve already noticed some issues. Calling somebody in could prevent any future damages. Just do your research with who you call! Not sure where you’re located but I’ve used Chicago metro home inspections and they were fine. Hope this helps!

Are You actually thinking about purchasing a house without a home inspection ?

Yes hire the very best inspector you can find.

And for God’s (and yours) sake do not find a cheap one. The $199 guys will cost you more in the future.