Is this Chandelier suspended correctly?

Pictures may be difficult to see but what is a proper way to suspend a Chandelier of this size. Estimating it to be 5’ Diameter x 7’ Tall and only can guess a couple hundred pounds in weight. Picture taken up in attic show chain wrapped around a steel cross bar and structured web member.

It really depends on the size and span of the unistrut, but based on the fact that someone felt a chain was in order, I’d have no problem deferring this to a qualified contractor.


I agree if you have to ask then you are nervious ( a good thing ) .
Pass it on Immediatly .
Remember write hard talk soft and miss nothing .

This is a new home construction. At first all I saw was just the chain from the distance then when I got closer and pushed away the insulation I saw the unistrut and it was not secured. Actually I could not get a clear view because of the insulation obstructing most of the installation. I never came across this before so I did report this to the home buyer and did make recommendation they talk to the builder to qualify the installation. All I could think of if this thing let loose its not going to good because this was at least a 20’ ceiling.

Sure don’t look professional ! Yes I’d get the contractor to look at this ! :smiley: