Is this connection correct?

Hey everybody I have a question about these pics. This panel has 2 new breakers installed. The neutrals and grounds are connected in a wire connector with a pigtail comming off and going to the proper connection. Is this a problem or is it ok?




main panel.jpg


Hard to tell in the picture, but with the double tapped breakers and general sloppiness, I would refer this to be evaluated by a qualified electrician.

I don’t see any double taps (Square-D anyway).

Mark…theres no rules against wire-nuts or pig-tailing per-se, as in your photo. I would prefer to see the sheathing stripped away and the connections made further away from the exposed breaker lugs. Tough to call it “wrong” though.

PS…slightly larger photos would be nice next time.

Maybe we should start reporting panels “neatness grade”

I can see an issue where a panel is technically correct and the client is told by an electrician later that it is substandard work and needs a lot of work…

Of course this can happen with lots of things.

I’ve seen neater work. Sloppy suggesting homeowner work.

I can not see in the picture but if you have more then one neutral connected to a single neutral going to the buss then this could cause the neutral to be seriously overloaded.
Roy Cooke .

Hey guys thanks for the input. I thought the same thing that it was ok just not desirable. Its always nice to get a second opinion. Thanks again.

I write these up but only in an advisory way.

On the double taps-- third picture, 3rd breaker down (looks to be a 220 breaker). Hard to tell if it is designed for this, I have not seen a breaker like that before.
If I am wrong I am sorry for the mistake.

Those would be piggy backed 120 volt single pole breakers. Two separate circuits. I believe that if one trips though that both are supposed to trip though.

Square D made that twin breaker for some years, they are QO style. They are just like any other twin except they are side by side instead of stacked. They each trip individually.