Is this correct?

Found this double drain sink in a kitchen is this done correctly.

Where are you from Edwin?

That setup is all wrong.
Acordian drain should be removed, right side leaking most likely, no high loop or air gap at dishwasher drain which also should not be hooked up to the disposal… Look at the disposal filth as example why not allowed in Illinois.
Also wrong connection at left side.
To answer your actual question it is fine otherwise… Lol

Bob… you missed the electrical problem! :mrgreen:

Thank you for your response. I am from Houston tx

Hey hey hey. Maybe its one of those “green energy” disposals that draw their power from thin air. :wink:

Thanks Bob! It didn’t look right just wanted to make sure.

Don’t get me started Larson. I don’t have the time today! :stuck_out_tongue:

You got better eyes than do I… I could not even make out what that was.

Look where the wire enters the wall.

Did you not look at my markup?

Thank you for your help

I think the whole setup is just a mess. You need to remove one of the drains to make it simple. I don’t say it doesn’t work, but in the future may be the probability of leaking is high.

Kea jones.