Is this doubled

During our CE this year the instructor told us the if the contact under the screw has a slot on both sides of the screw then the breaker is not double tapped. You agree.

Is it Doubled.jpg

Squre D HOM series breakes are rated for 2 conductors.


Thanks. HOM does that stand for homeline or something else? Thanks again Michael.


you did comment on the over spray right:D

While there is some overspray it looks very minor and I 'm not sure I would make a big deal out of it or even call it out based on what I see in the pic.

How about one of the “Sparkies” give us an opinion on this?:smiley:

hmmm…what comment ya want…:wink:

I can’t see the bussbar and contact points from the breakers to the buss to I wont comment…does not look excessive to me.

Hi Paul,

How about your professional opinion.:mrgreen:

Does that mean you wouldn’t comment on this in a report?:wink:

My opinion is that while contamination is not permitted within the panel, it is because of the potential to reduce required spacings between parts of differing potential and affect the characteristics of insulation of conductors and components within the enclosure.

So for the pic in question it becomes a judgment call. Other parts of this panel may or may not show additional contamination and may or may not indicate the need for repair by a qualified electrician.:slight_smile:

If in doubt call it out.:wink:

The overspray is not a big deal in this particular panel. I wouldn’t write it up.

As for the double tap at the breaker…If it contains a double style retainer like this…

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it’s allowed per the manufacturer.

The SqD QO® and the HOM® both are rated for two conductors wires ] on the breaker termation clip note this is covered both single and double pole breakers from 15 amp to 30 amp size ] larger size breakers [35 amp and up ] are rated for single wire only

the same thing with the CH Clutter-Hammer] the CH series and BR is the same thing too they are listed for two wires unless speficed somewhere else

I dont know about other breaker are listed in the same manner what the SqD and CH have in thier products but i really doubt it.

Merci, Marc

Some manufacturers OK this, but some AHJ’s don’t.

and they wonder why the home owner or buyer gets confused :mrgreen:


What’s the ruling when you have a legal double tapped 15 amp single breaker regarding total number of outlets protected? In Canada, we are allowed 12 outlets per circuit and I assume that (will find out later today) a double tapped 15 amp breaker will be allowed to protect 12 outlets only.

I believe the US Electrical regulations have downgraded it from 12 outlets per circuit breaker down to 8.

You do have a valid point though. Why legally manufacture a breaker that can accept more than one circuit which can cause an overload if not properly calculated. I would assume that the Electrician who connects two circuits to these specific breakers is doing a simple load calculation.

Ya right…I highly doubt it.

Not true at all. There is no limit to the number of outlets on a residential circuit in the NEC and more conductors feeding that circuit will reduce the chance of overloading it. The total circuit current is limited by the breaker and if you split that across 2 sets of conductors the generous safety factor built into 240.4(D) will be twice as safe.

That’s why you’re the Electrician…

The only problem with overloading a breaker is the nuisance tripping. It would be a poor design to try to serve to many outlets but the user can overload any circuit with 2 receptacles on it simply by plugging in 2 space heaters or hair dryers.

The closest thing to a limitation in the NEC is when they say you have to allow 3va per square foot for general lighting load and that load shall be evenly divided across the required circuits.

It is my understanding that the term “double tap” refers to the improper insertion of 2 conductors under a terminal that is only listed for a single conductor. If you have 2 conductors under a terminal that is listed for 2 conductors, it is not a double tap.

Jeff Pope said that once on this board…so it must be true!!!