Is this fan on a vent motor cracked or typical

8 Yr old lennox furnace:

the crack goes 3/4 of the way around–everything else with the furnace seems ok (its mine by the way…)

not certain about typical

did you search the make/model of the fan for recalls or similar complaints

it’s very apparent that some obstruction/debris was in the fan/housing to cause all that fin damage or you had something that was hungry

the weight/centrifugal force imbalance/vibration may have then caused the crack at your arrow

I did a cursory search and nothing specific came up–the fan works fine otherwise --no vibrations or whines.

I’m not seeing any fin damage though so that might be a trick of the photo–there is definitely a build up of what looks like hardwater stains. I’m ordering a backup online just in case this one gives out and am going to see if some friends will let me open their furnace and see if this is just the way it ages or if this is a specific concern to my fan.

thanks for the response though!