Is this Fraud?

I received this email, it only makes one reference to the FLDFS. It looks like a company is fishing for information, not the state. Does anyone know anything different?

The State of Florida’s Department of Financial Services is conducting a survey to gather comprehensive data for a Hurricane Inspection System Study. The objective of the study is to research, review and recommend to the Florida Legislature an infrastructure for the performance of hurricane mitigation inspections throughout the state. The intent is to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of the hurricane mitigation inspection process and to prevent possible fraud.

As a part of this study, we respectfully request your assistance as a private market inspection firm (or individual). Your knowledge, experience and expertise will most certainly contain value that only you can provide to assist us in analyzing the hurricane mitigation inspection process and its future.

Below you will find the link to a survey of your business as it relates to policies, procedures and practices used during and after the expiration of the My Safe Florida program. A follow-up telephone interview may also occur pertaining to your survey responses. However, you will not be identified individually or as a company in the study’s findings. Results will only be aggregated with other private market inspection firms or individuals.

The survey contains about 20 questions and will only take a few minutes to complete. You may remain anonymous when completing the survey, but please consider providing us with your name, the name of your firm, and a contact telephone number at the end of the survey.

We THANK YOU for your attention to this important study that will make recommendations to the Florida Legislature to improve the hurricane mitigation inspection process.

Please begin the survey now by clicking on the link below.

Anything from the state would not sound like that.


I got the same message. I just deleted it.

I filled it out. I will let you know if anything happens from it. I have been talking to people at the State about improving the Wind Mitigation Process and i figured the email was from them. Who knows I may have been had.

I sent a message to FLDFS and it came back as a true state survey.

Well you guys likely will not believe this but I will post the letter I just got from them. I will be calling the number and checking them out first. John, what is FLDFS and how can I contact them to check it out also. Below is what they sent me.


Your name has been chosen in a random drawing of 48 private market inspectors who entered their names for a chance to win the IPod.

We are excited to be sending you the 8GB IPod nano. We hope that you enjoy it!

Thank you again for your participation in this important study.

Please send us your mailing address via return email, and your IPod will be on its way.


Hurricane Inspection System Study team