Is this Gas line Safe?

Double wall vent pipe attached to a wood burning stove and a gas line in the same wall opening. Safe???

This would be a violation of the National Fuel gas Code
7.2.5 Prohibited locations for gas lines

Piping shall not be installed in or through a circulating air duct, clothes chute, chimney or a gas vent, ventilating duct, dumb waiter, or elevator shaft.

Technically not going thru the vent but it is in the flue collar which in my opinion is part of the vent. I would think there are better locations.

The bottom pipe is not double wall gas line to close

It also is in the pass through which is not allowed to be breeched according to a WETT inspection.

In accordance with common sense rule its not proper:D:D

Unless your in TN then it is git r done :shock:

Obviously they taught that Rule during the ‘extra credit’ segment of the class. :shock::mrgreen:

Wow! safety is no laughing matter but this makes me laugh

When I first started one of my first questions was about a gas line running inside the supply duct and NACHI members helped me out.

Simply, NO!!!