Is this glued together?

I have not seen clear solder before?

Looks like epoxy cement:shock:

They use it to glue golf clubs too:mrgreen:


It looks like flux,a flowing agent brushed on before soldering is done.
Did it feel soft and greasy?
From the photo it looks like the soldering was not done.
Was this a new constuction Inspection or a new water heater install?Was the water on?
If it’s left unsoldered it WILL leak and worse blow apart.
I would go back and check again.

That’s what it looks like to me too…did you touch it Brian?

“Similar in appearance to epoxy adhesive intended for this use”:

Of course, you can’t determine this for certain, that (unless you check) it’s acceptable to the local AHJ, or that that it was installed “per manufacturer’s instructions” …

It was not flux guys. :smiley:

Copper glue, well I’ll be. Thank you Michael