Is this Guy a Fraud!!!

Steven Bynum here is his website.…s/aboutus.html
I do not see this guy listed as member but he claims to be a member of NACHI and a Certified Master Inspector. He mentions on his website that he has done over 500 inspections. Doesnt he have to have at least a 1000 to be a CMI? Problem is I now this guy this is the first I have heard of him doing home inspections and is now my competitor. I do not have a problem with competition but you should be honest when representing your self to clients.

He is using NACHI & CMI logos and slogans as well.

What can be done?

CMIs in Georgia. He’s not on the list.

And his website blows and sucks.

I think he’s from California but he’s not listed there either.

His website make mine look good :slight_smile: