Is This Hanger Listed for GRC?

This was the only hanger that was intact and attached to the structure along this length of galvanized SE conduit.

That’s a Kentucky farm hanger, widely excepted in rural ky as an alternative to mfg hangers…lol

Chuck. That pipe appears to be EMT (Electric Metalic Tubing) and not GRC.

The hanger has a UL listed label sewn on the edge. It is rated for absorbing limited amounts of moisture that will accumulate under the eave. LOL.

The UL label also states it should be machine washed in warm water.

Probably not an accepted use, but I wouldn’t rag on the guy.

Do not remove label under penality of law

Was that a clean or a used diaper?

These are great responses!

I may share them with my buyer

I sure given enough time they will return to install the proper approved hanger, NOT

It’s actually a design feature, for cleaning the power up…
It’s like those gas line magnets, only this really works…