Is this in any way OK?

Saw this yesterday. Masonry garage with roof deck. Double wythe wall (cinderblock structure with brick veneer). The open space between the wythes was open at the parapet wall openings (for access railings).

Water intrusion into the walls inside the garage. Ceiling joists were OSB I beams. Signs of mold on plywood decking. Built in 2004. In Chicago.

Comments? How would you write this up.
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Inform them this is their one in a life time chance to watch their house fall apart from hiring poor craftsman.

Sorry, I don’t inspect anywhere that when stuff falls from the sky it is white, or where water is not naturally a liquid. :smiley:

Bigot :wink:

IMO it should be capped or finished off. chance for water to get between brick and block, could freeze.

Even with the big side opening Jeff?

End piece of CMU or brick?

CMU, brick, limestone , treated lumber, or just mortar it up, I just don’t see leaving the interior building envelope open as a good thing.