Is this infrared image showing missing insulation in bathroom?

I am new to thermography and wondering if I am interpreting this image correctly? I think it is missing insulation. Thoughts?? Blue areas are due to cold air from air conditioner.!

Welcome Ben!
No image uploaded, nothing to see.
Try click/drag/drop the image file where you type in text.
Hopefully it’s a jpg, png or some type of file like that.

Hi Marc,
Corrected it.

Hi Ben,

What are the two “cold” things the arrows are pointing to?

And, where did you take your professional IR training?

One is shower head and the other is a bathtub door. I have only taken online training from ITC. In the image in orange it shows shower fan at top.

It does look like missing insulation. I would verify this during the attic inspection.

You mentioned the AC being on. If it were not for that I would say that it could also be ducting.

Not enough information to determine. What was the emissivity of the surface and did you set up the camera correctly before taking the image. What temperature changes did you record? What is the comparison to other areas? Too many unknowns for a proper analisis. Anyone would be guessing to make any determination of this picture without more information.

Go up in the attic and look.

Yes. But don’t report “missing insulation” unless you have visually verified it. Report it as “deficient insulation (e.g., missing, inadequate, displaced, etc.)…”