Is this man an idiot....or a genius?

No charges for man who killed wife in TV mishap


SEDALIA, Mo. – Prosecutors are not expected to file charges against a Missouri man who fatally shot his wife while he was trying to install a satellite TV system in their home.

Henry County investigators ruled that Patsy Long’s March 22 death was accidental. Her husband, Ronald Long, fired his .22 caliber pistol from inside their Deepwater home after he couldn’t punch a hole through the exterior wall using other means.

The sheriff’s office said the 34-year-old woman was hit in the chest by the second of two shots.

Henry County Prosecuting Attorney Richard Shields said his office does not expect to press charges.

Idiot, even if he was trying to kill his wife. Weak excuse he gave.

Hey, it worked! Only problem now is he will have all kinds of requests to come install satellite dishes from men all over Missouri.

I would say an idiot who turned out to be a genius!!

He even got away with firing a second shot after the first one missed. Got off clean as a whistle.

They gotta make a statue of this guy and put him in the “Man Hall of Fame”.

I say he’s an idiot! Everyone knows a .22 is for phone line, he should have been using at least a 9mm for coax! A .45 would have been even better. Dryer vent? Obviously a job for a 12 gauge. :p:mrgreen:

He set it up to make it look like he’s innocent.

Didn’t this happen somewhere else last year? I can’t believe this has happened twice, well maybe I can. :slight_smile:

I can hook you up with free installation:p :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t pick on the HILLBILLYS!:mrgreen:

If I ever have to recertify, I’ll do it in one of your classes!
Too much fun to miss . . .

It definitely sounds as if this man needs to install a new satellite system.

Don’t mess with a man who loads is own Magnun 22 shells and never miss twice blindfolded.