Is this mold??

I’m not sure, but whatever it was pulled on my coverall collar and asked what the hell I was doing in there. Then it said GET OUT!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of the stains look like it on the insulation facing. If that is paper facing… Or is that just a sheet of bio-growth?

Was it wet/humid that day in the crawl?

Why did you get in? :shock:

Good call I hope you listened .
I wear a good mask if I have any concerns and also in every Attic… Roy

I suit up and go in. I think all the PPE scares a few clients on occasion.

This was a repo and when whomever turned on the water, they failed to realize the icemaker line was leaking. The entire floor of the kitchen has to be gutted and It wont surprise me if some floor joists do as well.
The home had multiple problems.

What did it taste like?:smiley:

Gotcha. It looked like the photo was taken from entrance. When I see them like that, water/moisture, there’s usually sloppy everything including live wires dangling, laying on the ground.

All i can say is wimp lolol

Looks like Humongous Fungus to me!!