Is this OK? Gas pipe really close to the water spigot

Ok fine, but that’s for code, not necessarily for an inspection.
Is there a safety hazard? Is it possible to attach a hose? To operate the valve? Shut off the gas?

Working :slightly_smiling_face: You guys really think the water spigot a few inches from a steel gas line in an issue?

Not the gas line, the meter and regulator vent itself… as measured from the vent discharge…

3 feet in Minnesota:

I suspect this requirement is related to the fact that there was a time not long ago that most all gas meters were located within the home itself (basements) and have been getting relocated to the exterior over the last 20 or so years. These standards would have been created to provide guidance to the contractors performing the work.


I didn’t put that much effort into it. :wink:

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Michael it appears to be a local region requirement. There isn’t that requirement in any state I’ve lived in.

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Call the Gas Utility and lets see what happens when you tell them to move the meter… :wink:

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Easier to move the spigot.

Well than, would like to see the face of the owner when you tell him to move it… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Actually, so would I. :wink:

How about this.

Thanks all, I appreciate it. It’s a new home build. I’ll let the soon-to-be home owner know he can check with the county to see if there is an issue with it.