is this ok?!?

Today’s inspection, open J box, 6 conductors jammed into one wire nut (over heated, melted) the conductors are part of the electric heating circuit (yes undersized as well)… Elderly owner with Parkinson’s Disease, extremely lucky this did not cause a fire yet!

199 Ridge Drive Gold Key.jpg

199 Ridge Drive Gold Key.jpg

199 Ridge Drive Gold Key_10_12_08Pics 094.jpg

Sorry first pick is the wrong j box.

Six conductors in one wirenut can be proper, but I don’t recognize that particular wirenut model to look it up for sure. When you see a burned wirenut, that’s generally an indication that it was installed improperly to begin with, ie- not tight enough. That connection will only get hotter and hotter as time passes, and with no cover on that 4-square, the potential for fire is great. Good catch.