Is This OK?

This is an office building built in 1988. Are the two stacked J-Boxes OK or a hazard?

Is it a J-box or a J-box extenson? Extensions are acceptable.

The bottom looks the same as the top. If it isn’t an extension, what’s the danger?

If it is not an extension there is no access to the wiring or splices in the lower box.

An extension might have been added to provide the required cubic inch capacity for the number of conductors installed in the box.

Duct work could tear from sharp edges of j-box.
Gap could be issue.
Is tubing clamped, can not tell from pic.

Just MY thoughts !

I’m with Jim on this one. Those are regular 4 square and the only access from on box to the other is a connector knockout.
They are not even properly connected.

The extension box on top is fine when properly installed. Looks like it might be loose.

This is a lot better then many I have seen


Got it. Thanks.