is this ok

I found this at my place and from what I have read this is not suppose to be this way. Am I correct?

forum chat 001.JPG

All looks fine from here.

Are we supposed to guess?

What are you referring to ?

Learn to explain in detail what you see .

Maybe she is referring to the handle on the basement/crawlspace door and the flashing, maybe the door swings and not slides. :wink:

I have no concern with this, but that is not to say your local AHJ doesn’t.


No issue. The problem/defect you are thinking about is service entrance cable clearance at windows etc. In your case the SE cables are in conduit.

I’m more curious about that flashing over the hatch roof. :wink:

what is it? a panel? a disconnect? a junciton box? sprinkler system controls? cable/ phone lines? a modified easy bake oven?

Another dud!
Where is the OP?

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Maybe, that is what he was referring to but, we may never know…