Is this panel TOO hot?

Electrical panel temperature just for the whole thing in general is about 105°F. I have just started using infrared to look at panels and I know AFCI breakers run hotter than other ones. This is a new house… Four years old. 150 amp service.

Looks fine Tim


UNLESS… there is NO significant load at the time of the reading, and assuming an ambient temp of 90f or less.

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Can you clarify a heavy load? AC running?

Too many variables to state a specific number for any single circuit. Also, given that is only a glorified thermometer and not a true thermal imager, AND, you are not following proper protocol for reading an electrical panel, there is no answer that will apply to an inaccurate reading.
Sorry, but your next step needs to be actual IR training, which will in turn show you how to get the answers you are hoping to discover.

Looks fine Tim :wink:

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Not rough information.

‘Abnormal heating’ associated with high resistance or excessive current flow is the main cause of many problems in electrical systems. Infrared thermography allows us to see these invisible thermal signatures of impending damage before the damage occurs.
Thermal imagers enable us to see the heat signatures associated with high electrical resistance long before the circuit becomes hot enough to cause an outage or explosion. Be aware of two basic thermal patterns associated with electrical failure: 1) a high resistance caused by poor surface contact and 2) an over loaded circuit or multi-phase imbalance problem.

Using Thermal Imaging Cameras for Electrical Inspections| Fluke

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Thermal cameras take the highest reading and the lowest reading in the frame, and that’s how it determines the color palette. So, even though it looks very hot, it’s not.
Afci breakers typically run about 20 degrees hotter than ambient temps .
I agree with Jeffrey, that is a glorified thermometer


I agree, even without much load a 101° reading for a group of AFCI circuit breakers is normal.