Is this patching?

This is an area on the home that is heavily shaded by a large tree and has a down spout that terminates here too. Im thinking that its possible that at some time the water shed from the roof pooled up in this corner before gutters were installed and the owners may have made an attempt to seal up this area due to leaking inside. It may still pool up here but it hard to tell with all the vegetation.
But there was no evidence of any leaking on the interior materials on the other side of the wall.

The area was covered in vines and I almost did not see what was going on here at first. Ive just never encountered anything like this and needed a second opinion from someone who may have seen something similar.

This material is covering the brick and mortar. Its black in color and somewhat brittle since broke some off to check it out.

I think it is probably just a light coat of mortar to finish the area , or was it tar?

I really think its tar. Just the way it has a swirled look after it has dried.

All these views and no one has an idea? I can explain what it looked like more in depth if needed. Just like to know a solid possibility for if I ever run into it again.

TX covers a lot of turf…
are you inquiring about parge coat?
what type foundation?
regardless of material
delamination proves the material is failing
if asphaltic damp/waterproofing; no loger functioning
if it was a cosmetic repair it sucked from day one
what else did you need to know?

This is a slab foundation Barry. But the material was only on the brick. I dug down in the soil with my hand a little and there was none on the foundation.
I wasnt really inquiring about any one thing because I wasnt sure what I was looking at for certain. But an asphaltic waterproofing material may worth researching some to see if its a good match.
I guess the main thing I was hoping for is another opinion on why it was there in the first place. In the picture, all that area of patching was exposed and the grade stopped at the top of the foundation.
So the material was applied from the top of the foundation to just under the ledge of the window thats partially in the picture.

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IMO that is masonry, brick, in contact with the grade.
The spalling appears to be brick thinly coated with concrete in an effort to make it appear a concrete foundation or to hide an issue.

SUSPECT High MC in the masonry due to the proximity of the lot grade and plantings.
RECOMEND: a: Remove all planting within a xx feet of the envelope.
b increase a lot sope to 6" inches rise for every 10’ feet of vertical run. Allow gravity to draw moisture away from the foundation.
c. Insure exterior materials at grade level are proper. A sill plate should be xx higher at grade level.
R404.1.6 Height above finished grade. Concrete and masonry foundation walls shall extend above the finished grade adjacent to the foundation at all points a minimum of 4 inches (102 mm) where masonry veneer is used and a minimum of** 6 inches (152 mm) elsewhere.**
That appears to be masonry.
All the best.
Michel I hope you see this.

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All the best.