Is this some type of backflow valve?

I noticed this device near a hot water heater and main shutoff valve in a garage. The house is a new construction and has a sprinkler system, though to me the piping seems too large for a sprinkler system. I figure it’s some type of backflow device, but I’ve never seen anything like this. The house is on a sewer and has a solid waste grinder. The “drain” pipe underneath it runs to the exteior; nothing special about it.

Any ideas?

It’s RPZ (reduced pressure zone) backflow preventer for the sprinkler system. It provides higher protection than a double-check valve that may no longer be approved in some areas. You see them typically on commercial installations. 1 inch main & tap for the sprinkler system is the norm on new builds in my area.


Good Night!! That’s a chunk of hardware for a sprinkler system. Thanks a bunch for the info, Simon!

Thank you for the information. Well received.

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