Is this the responsibility of the Homeowner

Is this the responsibility of the Homeowner or power company.


FPL says everything past the meter is up to the homeowner.


FPL also says you own the service lateral for underground service.

Yes. Around here and most places I would guess, if it is after the meter it is homeowner problem, I mean responsibility.

How did it look inside?

If that is a mobile home park/manufactured home park it is the responsibility of the park**.**


Not here. Most of our parks are deeded real estate, and the disco is on the homeowners property. I have found many of them rusted out over the years in many different parks, and they have always been the responsibility of the homeowner.

Hi Gary,

The home owner is responsible for everything beyond the connection at the service mast.

Cover panel/faceplate was missing. Rusted out at bottom. I opened and shut when i saw corosion. Hire sparky

That’s how it is here in Massachusetts also. Everything beyond the splice from the street to the building is the homeowners responsibilty.

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