is this up to ANY code?

Traveling on the beach in ST Johns Florida, we came upon this beauty!

PLEASE comment as to your idea whether this looks to be safe and up to ANY code! Lol

Go to the control panel above and fill in your location so you can get the proper responses and ask you AHJ if he approved this build.

Home inspectors have nothing to do with “code”

BTW “Up to code” means nothing…that is the bare minimum.

Do what Marcel said to do.


Beach House Code

I would be concerned about the deck. To many people on the deck might flip the house over.

Don’t worry about it… next big storm it will be gone.

Needs more ‘Great Stuff BGF’!

Whether or not it’s safe depends on what’s behind the expanding foam. After all, the foam could just be decorative…

Not enough sand bags

I don’t think the outside outlets have GFCI protection, other than that it’s fine.

Recommend eavesthroughs and downspouts that discharge 4 - 6 feet away from house to prevent soil erosion…

That method of construction has some unique issues that need to be address from an engineering stand point. However if they don’t build a sea wall and prevent erosion from undermining that foundation, that deck will be the least of their worries.

Looks like storm surge damage to me.

That first step out the door is a dooooooooosey! Other than that foam provides bounce back for waves crashing into the building.