Is this what I need for someone to confirm with furnace age?

Can someone help me on the year this furnace was manufactured? I hope this helps! I’m thinking 2006!

Not 100% sure of top photo, thought maybe it would help but did not make sense to me what it was for, the bottom two photos were behind the panel

you are correct Greg. It is 2006. It is the 3rd and 4th digit of the serial #. C is the Month-March

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Thank you Joe I really appreciate your help, you are very easy to communicate with!

Don’t know if you checked… but this armstrong air is on building-center :slight_smile:

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Simon is referring to;

It is a good resource to look things up, Greg.

Bookmark it.

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You make it too easy :sunglasses:

Joe is not exactly correct.
The Furnace is 2006, but January (A) not March.
The first pic is of the Air Handler (Evaporator Coil).
The 2nd and 3rd pics are of the Furnace.

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Thanks Jeff for pointing out that its the air handler info.

Thanks for the site Larry I did google but couldn’t figure to much out, I’m not the best googler. And I never came across building-center that I am aware of

The building center resource is phenomenal for the help they provide for HVAC and water heaters. I threw them a donation for the fact I use them per every report! Larry and Simon are 100% on it!

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Yep, 2006. If I’m not mistaken, I printed up a general description of many manufacturers nomenclature designations for each of their respective components. But Joseph is correct. Rule of thumb says it’s the third and fourth digits that indicate the year.

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To find the date of manufacture of any brand go to "" and follow the steps, is easy

I think it is; :smile:

Oh, they both work.