Is Trinity gone too?

Another member said he received a notice from Trinity that they are out. Anyone else get a notice? I did not work for them but did have an app in for a few weeks.

I haven’t seen anything from them yet, and I’ve been doing work for them on and off this fall…

I did get the DDN mail saying goodbye though…

I did a draw inspection for them last week, I too got the notice from DDN, sorry to see them go.

I’m pretty sure that Trinity is still around, I just received a check and an new job from them.

Draw business has dropped off by more than 50% from what it was last year with all of the jobbers. The business that I am receiving is mostly on high end custom homes.

I just got off the phone with Trinity. They are not gone. In fact, they are handling the leftovers from DDN. I received 2 new inspections this morning and I agree that the business has slowed but they are still functioning.