Is Windows Vista getting any better?

Time to order a new laptop. I’ver heard so much complaining about Windows Vista…
Is it getting any better as new applicatoins adjust? XP has limited availability and well, I just made the order. Tell me something good, anything!

I can’t even get Microsoft Office '03 to run on it without Office crashing. I get way to many unexplainable errors. Home Premium doesn’t include the built-in fax application that I’ve become used to. I hate it.

When I wipe out this 6 month old laptop and reload it, XP is going back on it.

vista runs great on the laptops it allocates memory so well as opposed to xp and i have 03 office on 5 vista machines with absolutely no problems the only complaints i have is when it starts up and shuts down it takes a little longer than my xp but overall i wouldn’t trade vista for xp at all

I haven’t had any problems getting any programs to run in Vista that I need. I have about 20 programs open right now. Any problems I had have had programs were updated by the companies quite awhile ago. Anything else I can get to run by setting the program to run in XP compatability mode.

The new hard drives coming out with solid state memory included will make Vista startup MUCH faster.

Buy one with XP pro.


I feel your pain, Joe!

XP compatability mode, got it, thanks guys.

I suspect I’ll be back to this thread in about two weeks with my voice hoarse, face all red and blood pressure like a racehorse, all snarling and drooling.

Lol. Call me BEFORE you start drooling.

Just remember, deep breaths…relax…

and a bottle of Captain doesn’t hurt either!

Kent. you gotta stop seeing her



Rick back in the day, I prefered Bacardi.

Though Grand Mariner was top choice.

***Noted! :wink:

How do I set that mode? Thanks.

Right click on the program’s icon (on your desktop or in start menu), left click on Properties. Click on the Compatability tab, then click on Windows XP as the mode to run in.

This has actually been painless. This new machine runs like a computer should and the switch to Vista has been fine.

Told you it wasn’t that bad. Did you turn off User Account Control?

I now have Vista on my laptop and desktop and I’m getting use to the switch from Windows XP. I had to download several patches for old software but I seem to be in control again.

Also, I don’t like the fact that all Vista users must now purchase Microsoft Word and Excel. They give you a trial version but after 60 days, your programs can no longer be used unless you purchase them through Microsoft. Another monopoly.

I don’t understand? Why do you have to purchase Microsoft and Excel? You can use something free like Open Office

Because all my saved documents are in Microsoft Word and Excel. I’m not able to revise my documents if I do not purchase these programs.

Is Open Office compatible to Microsoft Office? IOW…Am I able to convert a Microsoft Office document into an Open Office document?