Is your Biz up or down for Aug. 2005 & 2006

Hi all, for all you that have been in buisness for a year or more, I was wondering if your biz is up or down from a year ago. And if so any thoughts as to why?


My buisness down a bit from this time last year all this week has been good with 6 so far and one I hope to hear about later to day.It seems to be slower than last year although when I look at my records from last year they are close to same.I guess it just feels slow

Nick looks like there are more new members signing up then current members renewing. Hmmmm. Thats revealing.

Nick how can you vote that your biz is up? Are you a home inspector actively inspecting or are your referring to Nachi?


This will explain why the pie is getting smaller. The newbies are the ones to suffer. I have to agree with Rudolf sentiments it was posted on the CANUCK list. Its very factual!


Raymond, the EKG is for NACHI, not any one inspection association. See post #2. Actually there are almost as many new members joining NACHI as there are renewals. The problem with the EKG is that although we have a 99% renewal rate, the highest of any trade association in world history, about 1/3 of our members renew after their due date. The EKG only shows those who renewed on or before their renewal date, not slow to renew renewals. New members show on the day they join NACHI. NACHI’s EKG shows that NACHI is still suffering from strong growth

Business is way down for the year but August is one more then last year and have two tomorrow and one on Tue.
Business is down because the market is nuts. prices have gone way up I’m sure 50% above this month last year. July prices were 38% above same month last year. Why this month low volume reversed. Because of the news item “homeowners homeless” on TV Aug 1. I got 20 calls for mould inspections the next day. Did not know what the h**l was going on then heard about the news item. Almost all my inspection month have been the result of that story. Article previously posted. at…9-fb82eddbcdb4
So will finish this month up from last year but the whole year to date is not good not good at all.