Is your DJI drone spying for China?

My Yuneec drone was made in china too.

But as far as us home inspectors are concerned, I’m not sure what kind of vital national security information the Chinese can get from roof and chimney shots. :wink:


I’m not sure either, but it may be location awareness rather then photo content. Not sure how any of that works or if DJI has firmware that can be awakened by China when necessary (future). The part that tells you (prevents) when and where you can fly is a little bothersome.

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Yea, if they could take control over the drone at will, that would def be a problem.

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The US lets their spy balloons fly over our missile sites. I’m not too concerned about what they might see with my drone.

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Yeah, well I always give my drone the middle finger as it comes in for landing just in case China is watching.

Scary to think how many rusted metal chimney cap images China has in their data base by now.