ISG Call Center

Is anyone using the ISG Call Center, and if so, how do you feel about the service? Thanks!

Ed DeRousse
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I would never, ever do business of any kind with that scumbag company (RWS/Nathan Thornberry).
That is all I have to say on the matter.

Jeffrey …

What kind of problems did you have with their answering service ??

Share with us if you will.

Didn’t take long for them to slide into that opening.

What would that research be sir, like the research that shows they are open 24/7 (pretty sure the only ones), research that shows they have a hell of a trained staff and close rate, research that shows if they make a mistake they are willing to back it up and eat the money, research that shows they go out of their way for their customers, shall I go on. Personal experience is nothing but the best, any request we have they make happen. They give us total control over our business, people are only human and a mistake may happen and did once for us and they immediately offered to credit us the $300 it might cost us, but never had to because everything fixed itself in the end. We have had much less mistakes with the RWS call center than any other call center we’ve ever used. We use them as our backup to our office staff and they’re scheduling us about 20 inspections a month with the cheapest price than any of the other call centers we’ve had as well, that’s about an extra $8,000/month that we may miss if they weren’t answering the phone and closing the deal. Maybe you have your own personal ridiculous reservations about they’re warranties, fine, don’t use them, but stop being a punk *** little ***** and moaning with a sandy *** vagina bad mouthing someone’s product that is helping so many people. The rest of the program doesn’t have to be used to use the call center. If this man needs call center help, instead of coming on here and bleeding out your vagina, maybe give him some good insight on what you are doing and try to help him. I’m so over all this stupid bull****, it’s as bad as all the asshats hating in politics, get the **** over it, worry about yourself and mind your ****ing business!

So Nathan Thornberry is bad for building inspectors businesses and offering incredible value? You sir are an idiot.

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I have used Perceptionist, ACC, and ISG. I have been with ISG now for close to 2 years. I couldn’t be happier with the service. Their team professional answers my calls 24/7- they have literally scheduled inspections while I’m sleeping! They are also pretty decent at up selling ancillaries- radon, termite, mold ect. They fully schedule every inspection, confirm the time with the listing agents, and get access codes. As a single man operation, it’s nice being able to literally just show up the the inspection, and not have to worry about answering a phone in the attic! I know my calls (potential clients) are being handled professionally. Frequently, I will get a client who tells me that Tamera or Jackie (from the call center) were the reason they chose my company. The callers usually are not aware that its a call center- for all they know I have an office with a receptionist. Last year was my best year, this year will end up even better. I attribute a big part of that to the ISG call center.

I use the ISG call center and love it! My call volume was out of control and now my phone is silent and my inspection calendar is full.

Clients literally tell me that they hire us because of our professional “office staff”.

In the past year that “scumbag company” has saved my clients several thousands of dollars in repairs that no other home inspection company would cover. Saves my clients money, keeps the realtors out of it, makes me look better.


Mic drop to Devon Morante.

Tony Burk
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Love the RWS call center! On more than one occasion, I have shown up to an inspection only to get complements on my “office staff”. Staff that we have never met, but make us look great! It’s the best money I have ever spent to augment our staff.

I use the ISG Call Center and won’t go back to answering my own phones if someone paid me! We get more jobs done and more inspections booked because of this great service. They afford me more time with my customers, more time to work ON my business and most importantly MORE TIME WITH MY FAMILY!
It is worth every penny!
Also the other products ISG has to offer (RecallChek, Warranties, etc.) are great selling points that also help us to stand head and shoulders above trolls like this JJonas guy, and close more deals, even while I’m sleeping (because they answer 24/7).

I couldn’t ask for a better business to partner with than ISG.

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!! You RWS Cult Members crack me up!!!

Wow. Looks like some real inspectors actually came to the InterNACHI forum today.

Looks like the Cult Jester has arrived, which means his tag-team partner is close behind.


The ISG call center offers an incredible value and not only in cheaper rates than you will find anywhere. Expanded 24/7 call service, instant messaging for any issue, a fully trained and supervised staff who operate as an extension of your business. My clients fully believe these folks work for us! When you sign up (and I think you can get a free trial too), ask for The Big Red Team - they are my peeps and we would welcome you to the winning side.

You, sir, are no better than most media outlets in the US. Giving your little Ross Perot sound bite. And then leaving us with “That is all I have to say on the matter”, like Forrest Gump.

Well, I kinda like Joe Friday, so how about some facts, ma’am.

I currently use RWS/ISG services and have had nothing less than professional service on all levels. Who else will give your complete and total access to them personally like P. Nathan Thornberry? I have the facts: NO ONE.

Get your story straight if you are going to refer to someone as a scumbag. Give pertinent details. Nothing make me more furious than insinuations, when there is nothing to back it up.

Put up or shut up.

You guys are invading their safe space. They haven’t had to listen to anyone say good things about Nathan for a couple years.

I’ve used ACC and have been with ISG now since January. I had no idea that a call center could be so smooth. ACC does a great job, but ISG takes it to the next level. The service and support is unparalleled. Try them both and let us know your thoughts.

Sounds like someone needs to take a chill pill. Maybe a whole bottle of them. Seriously dude, you are acting like an extremely unhappy spoiled kid right now. Maybe go have a Snickers.
My due diligence says that RWS is the best thing that ever happened to my company. That is all I have to say on that matter.