Anyone using ISG or AHW?

A lot of people are using both.

And a lot are not using either.

Whats the advantage for using both?

Bang!! :wink:

Once again… I think that was Frank’s sarcastic font;-)

I only have one font. :slight_smile: check this out

I meant that both are being used typically one or the other depending upon your preference. Do you want it free, or are you willing to pay for it.

Willing to pay.

Why do you want to offer a warranty?

Well everyone else is. Or so he thinks.

Why use either?

Yes, and ISG has made my life a heck of a lot better. Buyer had a water heater replaced by them last month. Makes a real difference. If you check this survey out, it tells me that buyers want some real peace of mind, and ISG does just that, for them and myself.

Scott, I hope Robert appreciates the only intelligent reply to his serious question. ISG paid my client for a roof leak repair. I didn’t even know about it, til I saw it on the database; it was that easy!

Robert, I had my doubts about the products and what ISG’s products. I used to hear negative and good comments. I decided to test them out for myself before taking any sides. My inspections and how I perform is what makes me successful. But the products from ISG helps with growing my business as well. We had a lot of rain last year in California. I had a client call saying the roof above their garage was leaking after they moved in. I looked at my pictures, and there were no signs of previous leaking. Their home warranty denied their claim stating that the roof to the attached garage does not count for the structure and was not covered. So, instead of taking the call and brushing them off, since there were no signs of active or previous leaks, I provided a roof warranty from ISG. They filed a claim, and had a roofer out to check their roof. The roofer removed tiles and noticed the felt was installed incorrectly. ISG paid for the repair and I had happy clients and a happy realtor. I have received 5 referrals from this client this year. It should be something you look into and make a decision. That’s what I did, and I am happy for that. There is so much more as for benefits of using ISG. Private message me if you want to talk further. I was a doubter before.

Under the 90 Day Warranty?

Thanks for the post Gabriel!

Thanks Scott!

Exactly. Thanks Philo!