Isn & porch Solicitation concerns

Today i got another call from an upset agent asking why i referred them to porch. I was caught completly offguard as several weeks back i discovered that isn turned a feature on automatically that would allow porch to solicit clients and agents giving them access to our clients information. (its unknown if they have access to actual reports id assume they do)
I had that feature turned off because i was embarassed having my top agent call me concerned and i was completly unaware of this service targeting my people. Fast forward to today 7/10/24 i had another agent reach out asking if i gave her info to “handy man services” aka porch. The guy directly mentioned my company name and stated that i gave them her contat information which i did not.
Today 7/10 i contacted isn very concerned and isn has stated this
“…we can no longer remove PCA from the report delivery page. For the removal of Porch, please contact” isn web chat on 7/10/24
Now i understand porch owns isn . BUT why is isn giving our clients info to porch and pissing off our clients and agents!? didnt seem right… I expressed my concerns in the isn web chat and discovered that when you contact porch they say they were not willing to turn it off and they didnt know who i was or my company at all! WEIRD… maybe because im affiliated with isn and not porch…cough cough isn gave my info to porch to sell from there without my consent…
Well turns out that porch has been taking our clients information for far longer i just havent noticed. Theres a page that the client gets when we send our reports to them that we cannot see and its about porch BUT if the client ignores it. It automatically signs them up to get solicited! The porch also asks them to view their inspection report in the porch app allowing clients to unknowing click the clickbait and bam now there info is porches.
I would never refer “handy man services from porch” WE ARE HOME INSPECTORS WE AS INSPECTORS AND OUR AGENTS KNOW WHO TO REFER AND WHO IS REPUTABLE IN OUR AREAS for all types of repairs we dont need porch trying to grab client info that we worked hard to keep and gain trust in now it just looks like were trying to get an extra buck by refering a 3rd party!
anyone else start getting calls like this?

That sounds like the support every inspector needs…NOT!

I’d dump the in a second.

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Any chance the agents calling you downloaded the Porch app that is forced on people on the report delivery page? I have a blurb on that page that specifically says, “The Porch app does not need to be downloaded to access your reports. Scroll down to access and download PDF copies.”

That is one of reasons I dumped ISN a couple years ago. I liked the narratives for the notifications but never ran my reports thru them for that reason. I now only use Spectora for all my services. I can change body of the notifications to look smarter. They save all of your info and if you drop them they will save everything for one year so you and download whatever you need. I am extremely satisfied with Spectora.

They are doing it because information is a trillion dollar a year or more business. The only way to stop these type operations is not to use them!


Worth repeating…

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In the brave new software world I think it’s a good idea to regularly spin up a fake inspection with yourself as client just to see what your clients see. Between the backend changes that we might not be told about, or email formatting that may randomly break, you just need to plan to stay on top of it all.


Maybe drop ISN, I stopped using them in 2021 when all the porch stuff started. There is better administrative software out there that doesn’t do this.

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We have not had any issues. All of our clients are given the option to opt in or out. It is part of our PIA that they sign. Last year we had 4 out of a little over 500 opt-out and they did not receive anything. We leave it up to our client to decide.

That is why it is just as easy to simply email the PDF report and skip all the “middle men” who just want to harvest your data.

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True, and I predict HI software will soon evolve to have built-in efforts to thwart PDF printing, or hide it behind an extra “paywall” feature that we need to subscribe to. (Yes, I know there are ways around all that, won’t stop them from trying…)

All so they can be sure to capture that valuable data they so desperately want to collect.

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Yeah, I did that for years but with my multi-inspector company. I do like the feature where it holds it until paid for. It used to suck to be away doing something when someone pays and then needs their report instantly.

At that point the savvy home inspector will go right back to writing their own reports from scratch.