ISN sells out?

Thanks…I commend you for integrity. But it seems some are more interested in the almighty how much more they can make.

To me privacy and confidentiality should not be bought - isn’t that a breach of “ethics”?

Here’s a response from the CEO of Porch clearing things up and giving more details. More info on the webinar though…

Until its changed to opt in its a no go.

Where could you find info on lifetime memberships?

Aaron, please don’t defend the actions of ISN/Porch.

You don’t want Spectacular HIS to become implicated in any way.

Inspectors do not want to see this and don’t want any part of it.

Please understand that last night we were all asking for an explanation and ISN was silent besides Michelle (ISN) saying that there was no opt-out and to “just give it a chance”.

Today’s opt-out option was presented due to the backlash.

This was a horrible roll-out plan by ISN.

one thing that I am confused about if the repair list feature.

The addendum reference feature was a joint effort between ISN and HIP correct?

Now it is being changed to a Repair list feature that is tied to Porch?

So if I do not agree to opt in to Porch service I lose the Reference addendum completely?

After spending over a month promoting the damn feature to my local agents…

Yep… and thanks George, many of us saw the writing on the wall. FWIW (and that doesn’t matter much) I stayed away from all of it.

Nope, not defending, just reporting. It does seem like inspectors are jumping to conclusions because this thing isn’t even out yet. There is an opt-out button in ISN settings, Office Settings then Porch.

Nathan wastes no time in moving in on ISN today:

I see that you use all of the famous widget salesman’s gimmicks. Is that how his work, leave it up to the client to opt-out?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an opt-in marketing option for anything.

That’s what I was curious about.

I could see an advertisement in the system for Porch explaining to the customer why they should opt in, but Porch calling my client because they failed to opt out would not sit well with me.

One of the facebook suggestions that I really liked was the ability to add some text and an opt in link to our emails that are sent to the customers. I would be onboard with that.

My understanding is that you can definitely still use the RA (now RRL) without Porch since you can turn Porch completely off.

Nathan launching a new ISN:

I never, ever under any circumstances shared my client info with anyone unless instructed to by the client, which was like uhh…never. A few years ago I worked with Brinks to set up a program in Austin like that, i.e. I would include a brief description of the Brinks offer and a unique (to me) link to Brinks for the client to use if they so desired (opt-in). I even had it set up so that any rebate from Brinks went to the client, I made nothing off of it. I tried that for about 5-6 months and I had zero (none, nada, zilch) customers take advantage of the offer. Others may have better results but that ended my participation in the pilot program and Brinks killed it after that.

I think ISN should have done a deal with a national moving company instead of a repair contractor… because a moving company doesn’t conflict with the independence of our inspection reports.

Inspectors are the only independent party to a real estate transaction, everyone else has a financial interest in the deal. Once we lose our independence, we lose our reason to be hired.

HomeGauge response:

I just contacted is and and they said there is a link to opt out. I let them know it’s a ****y thing to not let the inspectors know beforehand. I think they’re feeling the pinch