ISN sells out?

ISN had one advantage over Nathan and I believe ISN blinked. That’s all the time Nathan needed to strike.

Lay with dogs, wake up with fleas.

Be sure to scroll down to the reviews…

Here’s how. It ain’t rocket science.

The fact that NT had something ready to announce when ISN made their announcement just shows NT thought this through way, way more than Dan did.

And, at least NT has the decency (if you call it that) to force his users to put in their inspection agreement the client agrees to the SPAM.

ISN’s new system sends SPAM to the client WITHOUT their consent.
(which, isn’t that illegal under the Federal SPAM laws?).

Wow! That’s some terrible reviews. Worse than Home Advisor even.

I believe, America’s largest repair contractor, actually purchased ISN. And here is why I believe this to be true:

This is the new ISN Privacy Policy that all ISN users had to agree to on August 4, 2017. There is one change in it from the old policy and that is on page 3, the “Merger, Sale or Bankruptcy” paragraph. Read it:

So all ISN users recently (last month) agreed (albeit unwittingly) that ISN could transfer information if ISN was purchased.

This is why I believe purchased ISN.

I’m waiting for Dan to come here and announce otherwise. I’d love to be wrong.

Good catch, interesting.

Five pages of comments and not a peep out of ISN. The reviews for Porch were so horrible its almost funny, but really just sad. I filled in my profile on Porch a few years back as a vendor (home inspector), never paid anything, they send me leads that I would have to pay to follow. They never did any vetting of my company or me, just started offering me leads to buy. Of course the reviews are so horrible, you are not getting a verified quality contractor just someone who cant get legitimate business themselves and need to hide behind a blind lead system. Clearly the lack of answers from ISN is telling. I’m saddened by this because I really liked ISN and it was a boon to my business, but I no longer feel I can trust them. If they did sell out to or merge with Porch they have merged or sold out to a piss *** company (just look at the pages of negative reviews).
HomeGauge services will be the big winner here as people migrate over to their systems (if you use HomeGauge) but how long before this happens with them also?

Well crap! Like we don’t have enough to worry about already. Really?! No input from Dan? C’mon man!!

I’m opted out, Like I told them–24 hrs ago I would not have even considered looking elsewhere.

And then there’s this about their startup…

Dan is too busy counting his money now that he sold his integrity.

Some of you may not be able to see this report (from a FB member) on this mornings conferance call from ISN. I had no part in this, so I do not feel it’s proper for me to copy/paste the ‘opinion’. I feel it is very telling in general, and thought it should be made known to others. I leave it up to others to expound from here.

The only time I share client info is under subpoena ! Lol.

If Dan was and is insulted that so many inspectors and others question his integrity then he shouldn’t have sold out his integrity. The mere fact that it’s an “opt out” option rather than an “opt in” option proves they are counting on unsuspecting newbies and on vets who are too busy working to notice what happened. That defines a lack of integrity right there.

Not to mention why would you soil the good name of your company by associating it with a company who’s aim to to try to control the home improvement business.

Interesting find Nick.

ISN certainly had a reason for the change, or they wouldn’t have changed it. Right?

Michelle Shishilla works for ISN, has chimed in here, and one would think is monitoring this thread.

I think Dan owes it to us, HIS clients, to post here and set the record straight.

Interesting quote from ISN less than two years ago

So it seems things have changed a bit as far as ISN’s priorities and commitment to privacy. Their choice of partner is unfathomable if they wish to continue as an inspector service provider.

Dan Huber - If you still own ISN you have very little time to fix this. If you don’t you need to let us know and we’ll move on.

It’s my personal opinion that Dan no longer owns ISN, or at least not 51% or more of it. It’s now owned by a large repair contractor.

Dan will certainly set me straight if I’m wrong, and I hope I am, but my post #65 of this thread says it all.

If that should be the case - I’m out. Whoever is in charge needs to step up and address this issue.