ISN sh!tcans Whisper

Starting today we can no longer create or upload reports from ISN using Whisper. ISN cut off the integration. Personally, I think it is to try and force us to use their reporting product. They will probably do it to other reporting packages soon. I am too old to want to learn another software so I need to find a replacement for ISN.

And, They lied about Whisper not wanting to upgrade the security. Whisper has upgraded the security. ISN is just using sneaky tactics to force us to use their product they purchased from PalmTech. We also cannot use NexNspect either because Porch bought them as well.

I hope to find an alternative to ISN soon.

for report try Inspector Nexus, ISN has tried to get me to switch.

I am happy with Whisper. Need a replacement with ISN. Perhaps iGo from Keystone. Anyone use that?

HIP has an office suite

They did the same thing with 3D. I will not be looking for another report writer software, but am looking to alternatives to ISN.

I was planning on finding an alternative soon anyways since they keep raising their prices, this stunt just forces my hand sooner.

Same, I have a meeting this afternoon with iGo.

FWIW, you can always manage your office tasks manually, even for the interim, if you’re dumping ISN.

Who needs ISN! Not a necessity! Saw it coming years ago, just another expense. Fini


That is an option! It is not that hard to do the emails and contracts.