ISN slow?

Anyone having issues with ISN slow loading.

Hi Dave,

You definitely should not have a slow experience with ISN. Currently we split the ISN into five unique networks, each one fully elastic and segregated. Nearly all of them now are housed near Oregon and we can really expand rapidly when demand increases. The usage of ISN is quite organic with some decent knowns and our network attempts to manage against the traffic demands.

Can you tell me a bit about how you connect to the web? Typically we see speed issues coming from dropped packets, connection latency issues or general line issues well before the inspector’s packets get near ISN.

If you want me to look at it personally pop into live chat and I’ll have a look at your network topology and see what is going on.

I bounced around your ISN for a bit and it felt pretty snappy here on my connection. Let me know how I can help.

Thanks, Chris

Thanks Chris switched to my macbook and no issues! jsut coming back to update it was on my end. Thanks again.

Is ISN gonna have home inspection software. I need to buy new software but am trying to hold out to check out your stuff. Just let me know if your not. Are you only going to sell to large franchises? How big does a company have to be to get the software. We do about 2000 inspection a year. We do not schedule all through ISN. Maybe we are just to small. Thanks for a response.