ISN Texts

I have set-up a text event to text the BA when the report is available. They then can go to their RED and view the report.

The problem is, it sends them a list of all of their inspections NOT just that one particular inspection. Can this be fixed?

The RED is not sending them the report, RED is a dashboard where all their reports are available. Kind of like when you go to your ISN and see all your appointments / inspections.


I understand that. When I get a reply from an REA from the text sent by ISN, ISN lists all their inspections.

This is what I mean:

"The ISN received an SMS reply from the phone number (928) 201-1111. Based on the information in the ISN we were able to link this address to:

Jeanne XXXXXX (Agent)
34 (15113027) at 12/04/2015 2:00PM
2579 Majestic Way, XXXXXX, AZ 12345
36 (15122129) at 12/26/2015 12:00PM
1690 E Marble Canyon Dr, D8 , XXXXXX, AZ 12345"

I put in the X’s.

I’m wanting ISN to only list the subject property that created the Text event to be sent. Hope I’m explaining this correctly.

Got it. That is a neusence to me as well. What property are the agent or client texting about? Especially when you may have 2 or 3 inspections for the same agent that week.


Hi @Randy!

This is a good question with a really straightforward answer. Mike actually eluded to it. SMS/Text messaging is really weird stuff since it doesn’t really have any info along with it like an email does. When you “reply” with an SMS you are just sending a new message of 140 characters out into the SMS network. When it arrives on your phone the only thing the phone OS builders can do is “stack” that message in a conversation. This has become the defacto standard in mobile now. In ISN the only thing we can really do is much the same… we can just take the message and “guess” what they were replying about. We take the last few orders (or upcoming orders) and present them. Think of it as us saying “okay, got a message from Bob, here’s the message… Bob might be talking about one of the following:”…

Now, the best solution I have come up with to help with this is to sort of emulate what the mobile phones do where you see messages in a “conversation” like your phone does… this is coming to ISN (it’s being worked on now). So that will help I am sure. It will also give your ISN users a similar feel globally regarding your company SMS.

I hope that explains “why” it works like that. Let me know if that is not clear! (as mud right?!? :wink: )

Look for more new SMS toys in the new year!

Thanks, Chris


Thanks for the explanation. It was clearer than mud. I look forward to the improvements.

You freezing your azz off down there, south of me?

Why not just send the report via an email event? ISN has a template in the system already. You can customize the email further if you wish.