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advice that the MSM is giving to McCain, on how he should stop the negative attacks on Obama, if he wants to win the election swell! Actually, judging from the downturn for obama, I believe it is working, and I hope he keeps it up. The truth is only negative if you are against it. Obama did it to himself, when he answered Joe the Plumbers question. I guess he needs Sunglasses with a built inTeleprompter. :smiley:

October 18, 2008
Categories: Barack Obama

100,000 people

This is in Missouri, a State McCain should easily win.

Barack Obama apparently attracted more people to his rally today in St. Louis than to his August acceptance speech at Invesco Field in Denver.

Lt. Samuel Dotson of the St. Louis Police Department placed the crowd count at 100,000 people, according to the campaign.

“All I can say is, ‘Wow,’” Obama said just after taking the stage underneath the Gatway Arch.

Politico called Dotson to confirm the crowd figure but has not yet heard back.

If the number is verified, it would be Obama’s largest American crowd.

I’m not surprised, acording to JB, you people hate Spanky!

Buckwheat for President!!!:mrgreen::twisted::shock::roll::slight_smile:

This was quoted today from a St.Louis suburb resident.

"I live in St. Louis County, in Wildwood, where there are very few minorities in relationship to the city of St. Louis. We have a very active Obama campaign office nearby. We have had **our Obama sign in our front yard defaced with spray paint twice **- but it is amazing in the past two weeks how many people have come up to us and asked about where to get signs and that they are supporting Obama. This is in the congressional district of Republican Todd Akin! For the first time in this election cycle I actually believe Obama can pull off Missouri. Our friends and neighbors have been looking for “permission” to vote for Obama. Crowds like this one give them that permission".

Mostly ACORN members and the ACLU;-):p:D

Not half as much as Bushy. :D:p:mrgreen::twisted::smiley: