Isn't ASHI's website still? Not working.

Or did they change it?


I wonder how long it will take their members to figure out they do not have a website? Since there is not much going on over there, nobody hardly visits so it might take them awhile.

Maybe 90 days at most. Check back in March.

Found this one that was still active Nick, all the others looks like they are dead in the water.

That is not an ASHI site. I do not get any of their pages to come up. Maybe they didn’t pay their bill waiting for the renewal monies to come in…

I know Stephen, but are still being promoted, and looks like they are running out of fuel to support their own website. ha. ha.
I wonder what their venue is for the coming years. :):smiley:

This link is working…

JB will be demanding a refund. :twisted: :slight_smile:

Could be on a separate server, or it could be their DNS is all screwed up. is down too (their member site).

Well then they are going to be waiting a long time.

Huum. I did a whois search on; does not expire until Feb 2009, last updated on Jan 27, 2008. Maybe a server problem or power failure?

Works fine!

Ya, now it does.

Gremlins :mrgreen: