Isolated inspections?

Good afternoon everyone,

I was just curious, how often you get requests for an isolated report. A simple check of a singular system. I’ve received a few requests from different companies. (Termite, roofing, restoration) as I am new to interNachi I was curious how often any of you receive these requests.

I used to get them with regularity. With the exception of roof inspections, I usually told folks that they could hire a contractor in that trade for less than I would cost to inspect a single system.


Rarely did I get those requests. And, if I got one for roofing, for instance, I would refer them to a qualified roofer as I did not want to take away a full inspection time slot.


As I am currently growing myself as an inspector I believe these are great opportunities to work on individual systems and submerge myself in more experience where I can focus on one system and it’s components specifically.

Essentially when it comes to pricing I find it hard to pinpoint the value of a specific system. While the roof is a major system I essentially was looking to see what you value it as a percentage of importance in an overall inspection.

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I quoted full inspections. Other types, I charged by my time onsite $250 up to the first hr, $150/hr after that.

same here, I will sometimes fit one in.

Also we get this: what can we skip to get the price down? I steer clear of these most times all together.

The closest I come to that is my “snow bird” inspections. I do that for people here in NE Ohio that go to Florida for the winter. It is only HVAC, plumbing and limited electrical but it starts at $250.00. I also have a different contract for that.

I get them on a regular basis, mostly for roofs but it can vary. I usually charge around $250 (minimum for all roofs) but some simple inspections i only charge $95 with no paperwork for single items.