Isomere insulation and roof ventilation

The roof is metal and the bldr put in isomere insulation against the substrate but did not ventilate - no ridge, soffit or gable vents. Said not needed bec of the “effect” of new type of insulation. Anyone have any experience with this type of insulation and ventilation?

Was that sprayed directly to the bottom of the metal panels ? Or to the bottom of the plywood decking ?

My understanding is it’s the only approved way to “not vent” an attic.

I have started reading up on this, Most of the roofing company’s are not to happy with it, I don’t know about the steel roof system. this is going to get intresting.

I can’t image an unvented attic, reagardless of the type of insulation, especially new brands.

Would love to know what u have found in your reaseach.