"Issue" In My Own Home

Hey Everyone - This is great group and I really appreciate all the help and great discussion. I really trust you guys and value your judgement. Anyway, I have an issue of a somewhat personal nature that I wanted to get your take on.

My wife and I have been married for 15 years and it’s generally been good but lately things seem to have changed. She has this new boss that keeps her late at work and I get the feeling there might be something going on. She seems to be texting with him a lot and not wanting me to see her phone and things like that. Most recently her car has been in the shop and she’s getting a ride home with him and it just seems to be getting later and later that she finally arrives.

The other night when texts me and says she’s close to home I figured I’d hide outside to watch him drop her off. So, I crouched down under our front deck and when they pull up his headlights shine in and I realize the deck ledger board isn’t flashed! I can’t believe I didn’t see this when I bought the house. I’m really embarrassed to admit that I missed this but wanted to know how hard you think it would be to fix? Again, I just can’t believe I overlooked it when I did my inspection.

Happy New Year Everyone :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Leave it like it is, set the bait to draw those two to the deck :japanese_goblin:


I agree…two fish on one hook…one inside the other. :face_with_monocle:

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Don’t know about the deck… … … BUT
The 'ol ex-wife was always working overtime or shopping at the mall.
I was always the mom & dad to my daughter.
So… I hired a private eye. Best $$ I ever spent.
She was confronted & I made her a deal. …
Get out now, give me your Volvo & charge payments, sign this quit claim deed to the house.
The 20 year marriage was over.
Daughter never got along with her & still doesn’t.


I can see how that flashing is upsetting.


The flashing would have been the least of my worries considering the circumstances. LOL

For the record… wife and I are fine. LOL… she’d have to have a job to be screwing around with someone at work

I stole that from someone on a truck message board a few years ago. Similar story but asked about a leak under his truck. I always thought it was funny.


For a second I thought you were not kidding… and was going to recommend bugetting for a model upgrade to solve your issue :sunglasses:

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I was going to recommend a 9 mm and hog farm but 3/4 the way into that post I am laughing my ass off!!


LOL! Well hopefully the guy is a deck contractor at least, she can make him be useful :laughing:


You got me on that one! So funny and a nice start to 2022.


I’m happy to say that I saw the joke, but it also goes to how often we find something on “second look.”


Sometimes things are not what they look like, but if it’s bothering you hire a private eye or rent a car and follow her but either way you need to have peace.

You did see the whole thing is a joke, right?