issue with a real estate agent

I inspected an attached building for a client the garage door had an issue where my ladder was in the way at some point and the door did not stop and the tension cable came off one side.
As it turns out the agent called a door company to repair the door and instead of replacing the cable and adjusting the door they replaced all the springs and center bearing and some other parts.
My issue is the same company installed a new door opener 3 months earlier.
To me they did not properly adjust the door opener and thats what caused the issue.
the agent sent me a bill for $600.00.
After talking to 3 other door companies I found the proper cost should have been less than $200.
I informed the agent about the issue and told her to expect a check for $200.00 and all the photos of the door show that no parts were broken.
Any advise?

Your ladder was in the way and you closed it? Pay the $600…

Don’t leave your ladder under the door again. Other than that the $200 seems reasonable. Overhauling does not seem reasonable, based on your description. Was this your client’s agent or the other party’s agent? If it’s your client eating the difference, you may want to pay at least up to you fee if not the whole thing.

I agree why should the home owner be out $400.00 when it was you who made the mistake .

Send a bill for damage to your ladder - the door failed to auto-reverse. “the door closing system failed upon testing”

Won’t make you any friends, but you did get your client’s a properly installed door.


Do not do the above.

You left your ladder in the way. That caused the damage. Fix it.

And, if you were in Florida, the money would be held from your client.

If the deal does close, someone is out $600.00…plus the fee they paid you…

If you dent somebody’s bumper, they don’t get to throw a new set of tires in on the bill.

Why didn’t YOU call a door company while you were on site so you could control the situation?

That is what I did when I broke a spring (failed under tension test) and I was charged $150. (this was about 5 years ago)

Yes. It should have been repaired before he left the site. Then none of this would be an issue.

I really don’t understand!

How the hell did your ladder get in the way? Were you using your ladder to test the safety reverse?

Enquiring minds are wondering


Leave the country.
Save the $600.

Sounds like the door company are crooks. That being said, The agent is NOT YOUR Client. Did you speak to the client? Did you get a release? First the check would be made to the client, and not delivered until I had a release. If the agent paid then same goes. Agent signs release and then gets paid.

Exactly. You didn’t control the situation. I’ve broken a handful of things, and I call my trusted peers to fix it. Every time it’s been fixed by the end of the day. My guys give me good deals.

I’m usually in the, tell them to pound sand boat, but you gotta fork over $600 this time man.

I agree 100%, I also have repair peeps for anything, that can happen, but since you failed to control the situation THAT caused it to escalate and now your only choice is to pony up and move on.


What is the auto-reverse on the garage door for anyway?

Only to reverse if you properly locate your 2yr old under the door when closing?!

I agree Dave, Gerald tested the garages auto reverse safety feature and it failed!!
They should thank him for discovering this before someone got hurt or worse. They should be going after the garage door installers not Gerald the inspector.

Whats next, an inspector turns the heat on by the thermostat and the unit blows up. Should the inspector now buy them a new furnace?

We are there to inspect and find defects and report them, not replace and repair them…Jeez


Ya’ll know my Bentley under the garage door opener story…

No, I ain’t fixing a door or the Bentley just because I opened the garage door.

I missed that one.